Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Sometimes I think of you.
And I hate myself for it.
Because I know that I shouldn't. 
But I can't stop.
Because I know I should despise you.
But I don't.

You made it so easy for me to hate you.
But why can't I seem to?
Why can't I hate you like others do?

Maybe hating you would've been easier, 
If you never told me how hurt you've been.
Maybe hating you would've been easier, 
If I never saw how sad you were.
Maybe hating you would've been easier,
If I never heard you cry.
Maybe hating you would've been easier, 
If I only saw your hateful side. 
Maybe hating you would've been easier,
If you never made me feel loved...

The only thing I hate,
is that I can't hate you.

Jasmine Win

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Just Another Night

Just another night
Another boy
Another dance

Just another night
Another love
Another chance

Just another night
Another hug
Another kiss

Just another night
Another touch
And fleeting bliss

Was it just
Another night
Or was there something more to this?

Jasmine Win

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wait For Me

[This poem is about a budding relationship. The guy has to leave for the army in a few weeks and asks the girl to be his girlfriend... Little did she know he was toying with her heart.]

He said, "wait for me"
I said, "I don't know..."
He said, "I like you"
I said, "please don't go"
He said, "I'll be back"
I said, "I'll be gone"
He said, "just stay here"
I said, "can't for long"
He said, "please be mine"
I said, "let me think"
He said, "just say yes"
I said, "one more drink"
He said, "I'm so sad"
I said, "so am I"
He said, "in three weeks"
I said, "we'll say bye"
He asked, "so what then?"
I said, "let's just see"
He said, "if it's meant"
I said, "then it'll be"
One week later:
He said, "we're not compatible"
I said, "you're a dick"
The end.

Jasmine Win

Thursday, September 22, 2016

We'll Meet Again Someday

We met and fell in love
And things were going great
But we both knew our paths
Were bound to separate
I wanted something more
Then what I had at home
I wanted to explore
To wander and to roam
I planned to go with you
But you were set to stay
So we said our goodbyes
And went our separate ways
It's time for me to move
Six thousand miles away
But if we're meant to be
We'll meet again someday

Jasmine Win

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It'll Never Be the Same

The moment you left is when
It’ll never be the same
Not the way you look at me
Nor the way you say my name

And our lips will never meet
Like the way they did before
Cause I know that you don’t love me
You don’t love me anymore

And you’ll never feel the warmth
Of my body touching yours
Cause you walked away from me
And left my heart outside your door

So no matter what you do
And no matter what you say
Things will never be the same
Cause my love has gone away

Jasmine Win

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Knowledge is Power

They say knowledge is power
But also ignorance is bliss
So is it better or not
To learn the injustices?

Should we teach our children
About modern day slavery
Or pretend that it's abolished
And that everyone is free

They say knowledge is power
So they'll tell you to learn
But no one will teach you
The things that you yearn

So at the end of the day
We're all left confused
Because the people with money
Are hiding the truth

They say knowledge is power
So we'll all go to school
But then one day we'll realize
That we're all still damn fools

The education system
Has made us believe
That what we learn in school
Is all that we need

They say knowledge is power
Well that statement is true
Knowledge is power
For the top wealthy few

The few at the top
Are the ones to decide
The things to be taught
And the rules to abide

They say knowledge is power
But they won't teach us it all
Because if we were to know
Then their power would fall

They say knowledge is power
But they leave out the sides
That don't fit with their stories
Half truths or half lies?

They say knowledge is power
So isn't it only fair
For those with the knowledge
To be open and share

So while knowledge is power
I don't think ignorance is bliss
But it's simply a phrase
To keep the world as it is

Jasmine Win

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Too Busy for Love

I've got things to do
Got places to be
Too busy for love
Why can't you see?

Got papers to write
And projects to do
Too busy for love
No time for you

Got meetings today
And meetings next week
Too busy for love
No time to go seek

Got work to pay bills
And class to attend
Too busy for love
Or so I pretend

I've got life to live
Memories to make
Too busy for love
For goodness sake

Twenty-four hours
In a single day
"Two busy for love"
It's easy to say

But wait, there's more
To why I'm not free
I guess I'm afraid
Of falling, you see

Scared to fall in love
Scared to fall for you
Or to fall at all
I admit, it's true

So I'll fill my time
With things I could do
To be too busy
For you to pursue

Got no time to fall 
So my heart won't break
Protecting myself
For my own sake

I've got things to do
Got places to be
Too afraid to love
Is re-al-i-ty

Jasmine Win